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"If The Friday is Good,


 The Resurrection would be Glorious!"


كُلَّمَا كَانَت الجُمعةُ عَظِيمَةً، كُلَّمَا صَارَت القِيَامَةُ مَجِيدَةً


Coptic Deacon - Indie Author - Medical Assistant


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   With The Grace of God, Bassem Matta, AKA Matthew Japheth is an Egyptian Pulmonologist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & healthcare industry as a Physician skilled on Pulmonary Diseases, Clinical Research, Hospitals, and Healthcare. Has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the Faculty of Science Zagazig University - Egypt, and a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Zagazig school of medicine.


Currently works as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant in The USA and an Author of Medical and non-medical books.


Matthew is the husband of Dina who is a kindergarten teacher assistant and a father of two Daughters; Gloria and Elinor, and a Pure Shih Tzu Puppy His Name is Aengus!



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